Welcome to Working Class Nerds!

Hi, I’m Marcus!

Aaaaaannnd I’m Nick!

We are working class nerds.

Marcus owns a Carpentry Company, Nick works in Clinical Research (Healthcare) and we’re both huge nerds! Our podcast covers the latest news and updates about the video games that we’re playing, as well as the nerdy movies that we’re excited about watching.

Marcus plays almost exclusively on a PC, and focuses heavily on Star Wars: The Old Republic. He’ll also dip his toes in to other games from time to time, and even venture into the world of consoles, but he’s infatuated with his PC.

Nick recently became a PC gamer, but also has a PS4 and Nintendo Switch as well.  Nick plays a lot of different games, including: Call of Duty, Rainbow Six: Siege, Red Dead Redemption 2, Squad, SWTOR as well, aaaannddd the list is constantly updating!

Our primary focus is to showcase the games that we love to play, and games that we’re excited to get our hands on.

Thanks for listening!